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Where are Clinger Clips made?
Clinger Clips are made in the United States.
From where are Clinger Clips shipped?
Clinger Clips are shipped from Atlanta, Georgia.
What shipping methods are provided?
At this time, Clinger Clips are shipped via the USPS Parcel Post. It generally takes us 2 business days to prepare and ship the package. Then, the package will take 7 to 10 days to reach you.
How are Clinger Clips packaged?
Clinger Clips are packaged in boxes of 5, 10 and 20.
How are Clinger Clips attached to a vertical surface?
Please see our instructions here.
Why isn’t a fastener included?
We hope your imagination leads you to the best possible place to mount your plants. We cannot anticipate where that might be, so we have omitted the fastener altogether. Fasteners exist for almost any surface and competent advice or help exists to help you. Adding a narrowly usable fastener could limit your imagination, promote improper installation, increase the price, or create waste if not used. Don’t worry, this will be fun and easy.
What colors are available?
Clinger Clips are the natural silvery color of the weather-resistant galvanized steel from which they are made. Because the Clinger Clip is meant to be inconspicuous, no other color is necessary.
How can I share Clinger Clips with my friends?
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